San Luis Obispo: The happiest place in America

Here in San Luis Obispo, or “SLO” as the locals like to call it, life is a little different. People march to the beat of a different drum, one could say.

What kind of drum? Well, a happy one.

Not only did Oprah Show correspondent Jenny McCarthy deem SLO “America’s happiest town” in a video released last January, the city was also mentioned in an interview with National Geographic author, speaker, and human happiness expert Dan Buettner as one of the happiest places in the entire world.

This website will to the bottom of the matter as the pros and cons of living in the city are discussed, along with a critical evaluation of the criteria used in making this claim, a brief history of SLO, and a page featuring happy people living the SLO life.

So, is SLO really the happiest place in America?

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